3 fast-growing start-ups tell their co-founding with IT-Translation

IT-Translation co-founder, investor and ultra-initiator of digital deep tech start-ups spun off from both public or private research gives the voice to Julien Bruneau (IQSpot), Mathieu Sanchez (Sim&Cure) and Jérôme Imbert (Sereema), three CEO of high-growth start-ups in its portfolio.

Start-ups arrive at a very early stage in the portfolio of IT-Translation. Together they create a path of success from technology to business. These three start-ups have followed an ultra-priming course and aim to develop their business internationally. The three CEOs and IT-Translation partners share their teamwork, their winning relationship and the results that reinforce their ambition for tomorrow.

Note: the interviews are in French.

IQSpot (Julien Bruneau), a green tech start-up that is helping to reduce the energy bill for commercial buildings.

Partner IT-Translation: Sophie Pellat, member of Director board, joint start-ups.

Sim&Cure (Mathieu Sanchez), a start-up of the medtech revolutionizing the treatment of cerebral aneurysms Partner IT-Translation: Marc Lalo, former project manager, joint start-ups.

Sereema (Jérôme Imbert), a start-up dedicated to the global wind industry

Partner IT-Translation: Daniel Pilaud, member of Director board, joint start-ups.